A Community with a Heart

Another exciting work was during the 12 annual work held on 13th June 2015. Close to half a million was raised during the event. The walk followed a spectacular 5 km route across Smith Point Park and concluded with a celebratory march across Smith point Bridge with breast cancer survivors. During the twelfth annual walk, LI2DAY offered $17,500 of the money raised to the Maurer Foundation. The Maurer Foundation is a non-profit breast cancer foundation based in Long Island with a mission to educate young men and women in Long Island about breast cancer. The Maurer Foundation had organized a group of about a dozen volunteers, as well as fifteen walkers to take part in the two-day event and help raise much-needed funds for breast cancer patients. The foundation offers free educational programs to community groups and high schools across Long Island. The Workshops are primarily geared towards the prevention of breast cancer, including ways to reduce risk factors (anything that decreases or increases the chances of developing breast cancer) through healthy exercise and diet routines. The participants also learn about the importance of early detection and are taught how to carry out breast self-exams.

Research and Scholarships
LI2DAY has funded several cancer-related research programs and scholarships. Every year, LI2DAY supports breast cancer research efforts at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory. The organization’s continued support of research at the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory is part of its mission to fund research, outreach services, and educational programs to benefit female cancer patients and their families in Long Island.

LI2DAY also runs a scholarship program in partnership with Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory. The scholarship is designed for high school seniors in Long Island who have survived breast cancer or any other women’s cancers or live with a guardian or parent who has had any women’s cancers including breast cancer.

LI2DAY also administers the Maria Sciara and LI2DAY Scholarship. The scholarships are designed for students who are cancer survivors. The Maria Sciara scholarship is a $2500 scholarship awarded to three graduating seniors in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. The LI2DAY scholarship is offered to five graduating seniors in Suffolk and Nassau counties.

With the help of various community-based organizations (like the Credit Management Company you’re thinking of), LI2DAY has been able to achieve significant progress in helping women breast cancer patients. Since 2004 LI2DAY has helped Long Islanders with education, research, counseling, retreats, programs for nutrition and exercise, direct financial payments, child care, physical therapy, wigs, prosthetics, transportation, and medical expenses. Long Islanders are now more aware of breast cancer and the importance of early detection. LI2DAY continues to focus on its mission of raising the much-needed funds to help breast cancer patients in Long Island today. In its wake, LI2DAY has led to the success of several community-based breast cancer organizations and has inspired the birth of countless others. LI2DAY will forever be in the hearts of Long Islanders, not just for the exciting annual walks, but also, for the wonderful work they have done to help breast cancer patients.

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